2-Row Performance Aluminum Radiator fits FORD MUSTANG 1979–1993 (MMRAD-MUS-79)


  • Full aluminum construction provides increased heat and pressure tolerance, improved heat dissipation, increased durability, and improved cooling efficiency
  • Manufactured with stamped end tanks for improved structural rigidity and durability
  • 100% brazed aluminum core for maximum reliability
  • Increased coolant capacity directly results in improved cooling efficiency and engine temperature reduction


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The Fox-Body Mustang is an ideal candidate for both daily driving and tearing up the dragstrip. With such a large aftermarket, increasing horsepower is easy and inexpensive. More power commonly results in higher temperatures, necessitating an effective and reliable cooling system. Ditch your aged and inefficient stock radiator for the Mishimoto Ford Mustang all-aluminum radiator. This radiator features a 100% brazed aluminum, two-row core with precision stamped end tanks for structural rigidity and improved durability. This performance radiator includes a Mishimoto 1.3 Bar High-Pressure Radiator Cap that effectively raises the boiling point of coolant to create a safer and more efficient system, perfect for your cammed or blown small block.

The Mishimoto Ford Mustang Performance Aluminum Radiator features a core thickness of 2.125 inches and a substantial increase in coolant capacity. For further protection, this radiator includes a Mishimoto M12 x 1.5 Magnetic Drain Plug to collect metal fragments circulating in the cooling system. This drain plug utilizes a robust dowty seal for exceptional protection against seepage or leaks. Thanks to a brushed finish, the Mishimoto performance aluminum radiator is an ideal upgrade not only in performance, but also in style. The Mishimoto Fox-Body aluminum radiator is a direct-fit unit, simplifying installation and guaranteeing perfect fitment for 1979–1993 models. Keep your Mustang on the road and out of the garage with the Mishimoto performance aluminum radiator. This aluminum radiator, like all Mishimoto Mustang radiators, is backed by their unparalleled Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.

Your vehicle requires 2 bottles of full strength coolant or 4 bottles of premixed coolant.


  • Mishimoto Radiator
  • Mishimoto Radiator Cap
  • Magnetic Drain Plug

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 33.5 × 8 × 24 in


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